Before we dive into the benefits of transformational coaching, let us first get an understanding of what transformational coaching is Bower storytelling training. Basically, to be transformed is actually to become a new being. A perfect example is the life cycle of a butterfly, the metamorphosis process. It all starts with a tiny little egg that transforms into a larvae then a caterpillar and finally into a butterfly so beautiful. I may have skipped some of the stages it undergoes, but hopefully this gives us a better understanding of how profound a transformation is. It is a process that molds us in all aspects of life so as to have a new beginning. 

Transformational coaching 

Transformational coaching is therefore the approach that is taken into molding one so as to have all it takes to be what they aspire to be. It is just not a matter of getting an individual to do something they have always wanted to but it digs deeper into their lives so as to help them become this new version of themselves. 

What does transformational coaching involve? 

Many individuals today are caught up in a life crisis as they can hardly envision what they would like to become. This is even made more difficult as they find themselves stuck in old habits and patterns that makes it even harder to change their life’s bearing. This is where transformational coaching comes into action as it involves shifting your focus and enabling you to grow into that ‘new being’. This coaching deals with the psychological aspect, integrative behavior, humaneness and finally one’s holistic nature. All this aiming at getting a better understanding of a client and their capabilities. 


  • It increases one’s energy as one becomes more focused on their goals. This in-turn enhances decision making when it comes to handling various situations. 
  • It offers accountability. Your coach is in a position to hold you accountable for your actions as you will have built trust with them. This will enable you work on being effective when it comes to accomplishing your goals. 
  • It brings about empowerment. The approach enables you to know more of your strengths and be able to build upon them. Helps you to be confident in your dealings and even builds on your self-esteem. 
  • This also goes a long way in helping improve your relationships as you get to have a better understanding of yourself hence bettering your interactions with others. 
  • It creates a safe haven for you to be yourself without pretense. Your coach lets you express yourself without judgment. 
  • Previously, one may have always felt as if they are lagging behind when it comes to actualizing their wins. Always having the right perception but not really getting to achieve. With transformational coaching, you are enabled to get round such circumstances as well as better assessment of things at hand and of course comes a celebration of your wins. 
  • Finally, you are able have healthier habits and patterns that enhance your development. 

As we have seen, transformational coaching has quite a positive effect on one’s life. No need to continue hurting in silence when there’s quite an effective way to better yourself. I personally find it an experience worth the while and you should definitely consider it.